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Management team

The Management Committee of Simunye Community Bereavement Trust is made up of 5 staff members (including the Chair of the club) and 6 community members.. The full Management Committee and committee members meet regularly once a term. The Finance and Personnel Committee also meet termly to provide guidance and assistance in all matters relating to budgeting, finance and recruitment of new members.

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Chairman : Mr. A.

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Chief Whip : Mr.T.

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Treasurer : Mr. M.

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Secretary : Mr. Z.

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Simunye EXECUTIVE Committee

Although Simunye Bereavement Community Trust is fairly free to run itself according to its own ideas, it has to be accountable to its members and to the laws of the United Kingdom. It is expected that it hold meetings with some frequency, take minutes, keep current and accurate financial records, and keep its members informed of its activities, financial situation and whereabouts. Above all else, a conscientious club executive is vital to the success of our club.

The Executive Committee members have a vital role to play if our organisation is to be successful. This committee usually consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Whip, 2 Auditors and two committee members.  A new requirement for our organisation is the endorsement for the appointment of a Website Officer within the Executive Committee. The roles of the individual office bearers  are outlined on the organisation’s constitution. The most important attribute for an executive member to have is enthusiasm and a dedication to the society!

Hello , welcome to Simunye Bereavement Community Trust Big Family !

The primary aim of Simunye Bereavement Community Trust is in three fold; it is informed by the tragedies that our community has to face on a number of occasions when our loved ones pass away; Simunye Bereavement Community Trust will provide financial, material and emotional support to its members in the event of death.Simunye meaning "oneness" , members contribute voluntarily subscriptions for the funeral expenses of the husband, wife or child of a member, or of the widow of a deceased member or any beneficiary family member of their choice.

Simunye encourage people from Zimbabwe and South Africa, or those married to a Zimbabwean or South African or a descendent of a Zimbabwean or South African to be full members and any other person who has links with Zimbabwe or South Africa to be an associate member residing in Europe to join the Society. Our aim is to make sure that non of our members or their families are buried by any government as a pauper. We have created a network of a big family here in the United Kingdom looking after each other.

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Mr. Alex Ndebele

Simunye is a community building venture benefiting all its members equally, guided by a sound constitution that reflect wishes of its members. To access our Constitution and   related documents, Please Create an account and   >>>>>>>                                                                                                                                                                                                Login.


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