On the 26th of June 2017 members of Simunye decided that the fundraising event to be held on the 19th August 2017 in Peterborough. A flat rate of £20 must be paid by every bona fide member for a plate of food. Extras , like Braai meat and drinks will be sold seperately. For specifics, please visit the Calender page.



Hello Simunye family. 

I would like to inform you that the executive has met and agreed that we need to hold a fundraising on 02nd September 2017. The purpose and reason behind the fundraising is to boost our revenue.

The event we are going to hold is a get together and have a meal/bbq in an open space in the park. The rationale of holding the event in park is to cut cost and maximise on our fundraising. Such places for example are available in London. We would like you to suggest a venue of your choice beside London and also if possible try and get something similar as an open space venue. We will also welcome suggestions/options  for the venue from you members. We are trying to avoid London as we had our last event was in London. 

The agreed charge for a plate of food at fundraising will be £20. This figure is going to be paid by all members whether they attend the event or not. Furthermore  there is going to be drinks on sale and a raffle on that day.

I am therefore appealing to you all to contribute on how we  can strategise together and complete planning preparations. Please do not hesitate to make your contribution...we value your input immensely. Members can also contribute on how we can obtain a sound system and also volunteer to play the music sound system on the day.

I now therefore you ladies and gentlemen, to discuss on this propose noble cause.

Have your say! We are in it together - Simunye We Are One ??

Alex Ndebele Chairperson


It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you that two families in our group ( for Ms Thobekile Siziba and a family of Ms Juliet Moyo have suffered a loss of their beloved relatives, we were informed of this tragedy today on the 09/06/2017.

Both deceased persons were not covered by Simunye burial society, therefore those that feel like making some donations voluntarily can do so by directly sending their donations to the bereaved family members. For more information , please contact the office of the Secretary of Simunye.

Please consider supporting our efforts.

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